A collaborative, creative approach to resolving financial differences.

Working with a Financial Divorce Strategist offers you the opportunity to untangle your finances in a fair and respectful way, based upon the best interests of your family.

Financial Divorce Planning

Is it right for me? Is it right for us? 

Whether you managed your finances together or one partner took care of the family’s finances, many concerns can come up during the separation process. Too often individuals are not aware of the dynamics of finances and the ripple effect their decisions will have.


The services we provide are right for you if:

  • You want to be heard and listened to

  • Your financial future is a real concern for you

  • You have questions, need answers, and want to learn more

  • You are not sure which road to take to get through this

  • You need options to make the right choice

  • You want someone on your team who is focused on your best interests

  • You want unbiased help

  • You want to minimize conflict and legal fees

I will provide you with a reality check for your specific situation and teach you everything you need to know about your finances and empower you to make smart decisions for your new future.

I deliver black-and-white financial advice—putting you in a better position to write a separation agreement that works for you. This includes unbiased options when it comes to splitting assets and debts, numbers for equalization and support payments, and more.

You can then make a decision that feels right to you that you won’t regret later. As a result, you will have a financial roadmap that addresses your needs and will help you move forward in your life.

FAQ's about working with a Financial Divorce Strategist 

What are the benefits of adding a Financial Professional to my/our team?


As a CFDS (Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist), I can provide couples with the most mutually beneficial solution for the entire family when dividing assets. Your family will benefit from having an objective third party specially trained for this process to offer financial insights. Lawyers are trained in legal issues, not financial or tax areas, and they often prefer not to deal with these areas in great depth. Numbers are important and will determine your base for your new future. Negotiating through lawyers can also cause an even bigger rift in a family. The team approach provides the best solution possible for your stronger financial future.


Will it cost more if I use both a lawyer and a Divorce Strategist?

You can reduce your legal costs by working with a CFDS because we can help you understand your financial status and your options. Through lawyers, couples often get stuck on a particular issue that is not really worth battling over. We work through your options and choices together. Making the wrong financial decisions might cost you more down the road.


What is the approximate cost of a Divorce Financial Specialist?

The overall cost of divorce financial planning depends on the complexity of the situation and the number of hours involved.  The cost is typically lower than separating finances through a lawyer.


Can a Divorce Strategist perform a complete divorce without a lawyer?

No, the role of a Divorce Strategist (CFDS) is to deal only with the financial areas of a separation or divorce. I recommend that you use a lawyer or family law mediator in addition to my services to help you deal with the legal aspects of your case. The first step is to work out a separation agreement, the second step is to apply for a divorce with the court. Both steps can be done in a DIY approach or with professionals assisting your family.


Will using a Divorce Strategist mean getting a bigger settlement, more support or a fair result?

A CDFS will deliver facts for faster decision making which will reduce the money you need to spend on legal fees, which will ultimately save you money.  Nobody needs to suffer or go broke after a divorce. I support both parties in the review of financial options and projections to see what solutions make the most sense. I will ensure that both parties understand the long term effects of all financial decisions, so you can reach a fair result. 

How I can help

Empowering you with the knowledge, clarity, and support you need to make fair and informed financial decisions before, during, and after a separation and divorce.


I will provide you with the information and guidance you need to understand your financial situation and make informed financial decisions now and in the future. 


I have seen many people of all ages in family disputes. I understand where you are. When you work with me, I care, I listen without judgement, and I put you first every time. 


I will empower you with the confidence to make clear-thinking, wise financial decisions based on facts and data. We will develop a financial plan based upon your future, and not your past. 

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You are being asked to come to an agreement under unfamiliar and stressful circumstances.

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