Financial Literacy for Life

Empowering you with the knowledge, clarity, and support you need to make informed financial decisions.

Financial Literacy for Life

Let us provide you with the guidance you need to make fair and informed financial decisions before, during and after divorce. 

Couples Financial Planning

Empowering you with the knowledge, support, and clarity you need to make informed financial decisions for a successful future as a couple.

New Couples

Are you planning to move in and/or getting married but need some advice on how to plan your financial future together? I’ll help you:

  • Get on the same page

  • Understand each other's money personality

  • Find common ground

  • Build a financial plan for a future that lasts


Remarrying? Considering a prenup? Or maybe you’d just like financial advice to make smart decisions for your new marriage. I can help you:

  • Align your vision and goals

  • Combine your financial power

  • Clarify insurance and taxes

Couples Refresh

If you’re constantly arguing over finances or struggling financially, all it may take to prevent a breakup is some education. I will help you:

  • Understand your financial situation

  • Understand each other

  • Determine a budget

  • Develop better spending habits

  • Clarify financial products

  • Solidify your financial future

Financial Planning for Your Future

Getting divorced is like being in an arena, there are several exits and you choose which one to take. Keep in mind that outside waits your new life, and that is where you want to be. Move forward with the planning and resources you need to take care of yourself and your family. 

Are you ready to begin planning your next chapter?

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