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You can choose a path that offers you and your partner the opportunity to untangle your finances with dignity, privacy and respect so that you can focus on the things that matter most. 

Financial Mediation

Unbiased information and support to help you understand your options and disentangle your finances in a knowledgeable way.

What is Financial Mediation?

Financial Mediation is a neutral third-party facilitative process among willing participants, that helps individuals and couples understand the financial impacts of divorce, identify their individual short-term and long-term needs, address concerns, and arrive at a mutually beneficial outcome enabling both parties to plan for their future. 

What are the benefits of Financial Mediation? 

  • Ensures a safe environment for communication between parties;

  • Offers creative solutions to unique family situations;

  • Gives all participants a voice to express their interests and concerns;

  • Reduces emotional stress;

  • Helps reduce the cost of resolving financial and property division issues;

  • Engages both parties in developing a fair and reasonable agreement;

  • Reduces conflict; and

  • Privacy.

 When should you set up Financial Mediation?

It is best to get help as early in the separation process as possible, but you can set up Financial Mediation at any point during your separation or divorce. 


Does Financial Mediation reduce the need for lawyers?

Financial Mediation can occur with or without legal representation, depending on your individual circumstances.

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