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Our "6 Steps to Separation" is an all-inclusive package that brings together Lori Frank and Bettina Plendl, two specialized mediators and experts in their fields.

Modern Separation Solutions

Our "6 Steps to Separation" service brings together qualified professionals to support and guide you in creating a parenting plan to benefit your children. 

What is Modern Separation Solutions - 6 Steps to Separation?

Our "6 Steps to Separation" is an all-inclusive package that brings together  Lori Frank and Bettina Plendl, two specialized mediators and experts in their fields. Lori Frank, a Family Law Mediator, specialized in working with children, will assist you in creating a parenting plan that is in the best interest of your children. Bettina Plendl, a Financial Divorce Strategist, will ensure you receive accurate and qualified advice you need to make informed and objective decisions about your division of finances.   


Complimentary Consultation:

Schedule a complimentary 20-minute consultation call with Bettina and/or Lori.  The purpose of this call is to answer questions that both of you may have about the process, and get a feel for whether our service will be a good fit for your family.

The 6 Steps to Separation:

1.    Getting Started
After our phone calls, we can get started with the separation mediation process. We will send you some forms to fill out that include our terms of service, consent to share information, and an intake questionnaire.  We know no one likes paperwork, but we’ve streamlined this process as much as possible for you.  

2.    Pre-Mediation Meetings With Lori
Lori will schedule individual meetings with each of you to gain a more in-depth understanding of your specific situation regarding your Parenting Plan.  Lori will help you define the issues, provide you with relevant information, and peruse potential outcomes.  

3.    Financial Meetings With Bettina
Bettina will work with each of you on the financial aspects of your separation.  Bettina helps you take both a short and long term look at your financial goals, and provide you with fair and objective options on how best to move toward them in your financial separation. 

4.    Joint Mediation Session
After your individual meetings with Lori and Bettina, we will schedule a joint session to begin working through your Parenting Plan and your Division of Finances.  We typically schedule two sessions to work through everything.  Joint sessions can be held in-person or online. 

5.    Documentation of Your Agreements
Following your joint sessions, we will create a detailed document of any agreements you have come to.  You will have the opportunity to review the document, and suggest changes.  When everything looks to your satisfaction, you will receive your final copy.

6.    Follow Up Session
Within 6 to 12 months of your initial mediation, we will offer you a one-hour joint follow-up session to check and see  if your agreement needs any adjustments.  It can be beneficial to review your agreements before you file your divorce paperwork.

"6 Steps to Separation" is an all-inclusive package.  Lori and Bettina will give you a flat fee rate that gives you the peace of mind knowing exactly how much your final invoice will be.   

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