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1-Day Divorce

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

COVID and its impact on us

humans is undeniable. Unfortunately, family’s alliances suffer and some couples de-

cide to separate. Now, a year in, people start to take action. Funds and options are poten-

tially limited due to COVID, that means that families search for new ways.

Nick Greer, lawyer and principal of the Collaborative Law Corporation and Bettina Plendl, CFP, CFDS and CDFA of BP Financial Divorce Strategies, both with offices in Nanaimo, have helped many families going through the separation/divorce process over the last two years.

Their process is called the 1-Day-Divorce which is very unique. It is our own ‘Island way’ of dealing with separation, and keeping separations out of court. It is for married or common law couples who are still able to communicate and where both are looking for a fast, less adversarial, and reasonably priced resolution of parenting, property division and

support issues.

Using a team-based approach, with Nick Greer acting as Family Law Mediator, Bettina as the Financial Mediator, and other experts as required – get the best of our ex-pertise to address all items on your agenda.

The process is the following:

  • Get in touch, learn more about your suitability for this process with a free and no-obligation in-take assessment and quote. We can explain the process to both of you at the same time, together.

  • Retain Nick Greer, on a fixed fee basis as the mediator.

  • Bettina Plendl will interview you ahead of time to determine your needs for a financial professional.

  • Potentially retain Bettina Plendl and participate in some pre-mediation work, and confirm financial documents required.

  • Undertake individual pre-mediation telephone intake sessions with Nick to verify suitability,

  • answer any questions, and confirm a joint mediation date

  • 1-Day-Divorce mediation (typically we start at 9:30 am and finish by about 4pm) is then

  • conducted on an agreed date with Nick and Bettina (and other professionals if required),

  • over Zoom or in person.

  • Review a professionally drafted Separation Agreement for signature or independent advice.

This process is well received as it saves a lot of time, headaches and, of course, money. This it right for the couple that are sure about their separation, want to resolve matters out of court, and are willing to participate to come to a fast and cost-effective solution.

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