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Happily ever after, after.  

Empowering you with the knowledge, support, and clarity you need to make informed financial decisions for the next chapter of your life. 

Financial Planning For Your Future

Getting divorced is like being in an arena, there are several exits, and you choose which one to take. Keep in mind that outside waits your new life, and where you want to be. You will move forward with the planning and resources you need to take care of yourself and your family. 

You might be close to signing your separation agreement, making good financial decisions. Yet, you still feel stressed, like your head is spinning – there is so much to do and so much to decide!

We can get started by organizing those documents and go through them.

The next step would be understanding the settlement, deciding what you really want and working out a strategy to make as much of that reality .

It is important to me that you are set you up for lifelong financial success. I don’t manage any assets, so I have no interest in earning a commission by selling you investment products.

My goals:

  • Teach financial literacy, so you understand your financial situation. 

  • Explain the intricacies of your particular plan. Some pieces are interdependent.

  • Make you feel confident and in charge of your financial success and capable of making smart decisions in and for the years to come.

I tailor your financial sessions and lessons based on your situation. In the end, you will feel independent and aware of what is important to you and your finances.

Are you ready to begin planning your next chapter?

Contact me to learn more

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